Why Flussonic?

Flussonic is one of the most advanced and scalable Media Servers on the market today. With easy-to-use administration, even novice users can setup streams and add points of distribution. From a single stream to full delivery networks, Flussonic is the choice of professionals operating on a global scale.

A Media Server That Makes Sense

Flexibility, ease of use, and unsurpassed scalibility: All in one package
  • 1Unlimited DVR

    The only media server that offers unlimited DVR Rewind capabilities for an unparalleled user experience.
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      Flussonic has the ability to offer your viewers unlimited rewind capability for any Live Feed that you configure the media server for. The only limitation is the amount of disk store you have access to!

      Give your users an unlimited experience for watching their favorite shows!

  • 2Ad Injector

    A server side Ad Injector that places your ads directly in the Video Stream.
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    • Add Advertisements right in your live feeds!

      Add Advertisements right in your live feeds!

      Player independent

      Introducing the Flussonic Ad Injector. Ad Injector allows you to place advertisements right into the Video on Demand and Live Feeds of your choice! You can now get your advertisements to play in any player or mobile device without the need of having to worry about complicated player configurations.

  • 3IP Camera Management

    Keep your IP Cameras organized and manage them all from one place.
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    • Mange and maintain your IP Cameras with ease using our unique IP Camera management UI!

      1. Configure each camera individually
      2. Record each camera and keep archives
      3. Add DVR functions and more to your IP cams
      4. Effortlessly show each of your cameras on Google maps and embed this map anywhere on your site.

      And more!

      With our IP Camera Management functions you can use all the features of Flussonic to have an effortless ability to manage and view your IP cameras.

  • 4Cloud Integration Support

    Deploy an unlimited amount of Flussonic instances within your existing cloud Infrastructure.
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    • Flussonic can install on any cloud provider that offers Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit OS.

      Nearly every cloud provider out their supports this OS version. We recommend using DigitalOcean, but other popular cloud services like Amazon and Rackspace will do well with Flussonic.

See all the Features of Flussonic

Flussonic’s simple and cost effective pricing plans give you control of your streaming budgets. If you give Flussonic Media Server a try and decide to purchase a full key the Trial Fee will be issued as a credit to your account!

Does Flussonic Support Mobile Streaming?
Yes! Flussonic can stream to all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and more.
Can I run Flussonic on my own server?
Yes! Flussonic is a media server that is very easy to install. Our step-by-step instructions will have you streaming within minutes.
Can I use Flussonic to stream to a set top box?
Yes! Most set top boxes require HTTP streaming, just one of the many protocols Flussonic supports.
Does Flussonic scale well?
Yes! Flussonic can scale from a single server to multiple servers in geo-dispersed locations with ease.
Does Flussonic offer Managed Services?
Yes! We can manage and maintain your servers. Please contact us for pricing and more details.

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